Keys to Freedom Seminars!

Keys to Freedom Pastor Connie is available to teach Keys to Freedom Seminars in your church. Please contact us for more information on scheduling these life-changing events! For more info, please review the brochure.

What you will be learning:

  • Why we address heart issues when seeking behavioral change
  • Ways to identify areas of struggle in your life
  • How to have victory over unhealthy behaviors
  • Helping others to identify and pray through areas that need healing in their life

Don't miss this time of healing in your own life! Questions? please contact us.



Why do we need healing? Everyone desires wholeness.  We all want to be free of those things that block us from moving forward - those things that lock us into the wounds of our past.  We have a desire for direction, and we want our quality of life and our walk with the Lord to be improved. When we are able to walk in forgiveness, we experience new life and peace. More info...
Recognizing that the healing process is different for everyone, we have established A Time of Healing to provide a unique opportunity for 15 consecutive hours (2 to 3 days, as scheduled) of intensive prayer counseling in a quiet, safe place to receive healing and restoration. In over 25 years of counseling we have found that when individuals take time out of the daily grind and invest two to three days in their healing, it pole vaults them into a faster healing experience! Download a brochure! For more info click here...



Vertical Healing Center: 100 Pine Street Suite 164, Zeeland, MI 49464


Blessings to you from the Vertical Healing Center Team!